Thursday, April 30, 2009


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North Carolina Cruise-Ins

If you're a "Car Guy" or "Car Gal," and wondering where to cruise in your beautiful classic car you might consider hanging out with fellow enthusiast who enjoy the hobby too. There are cruise-ins everyday during the week after the Food Lion AutoFair event, which was this past April.

Attending a cruise-in is a great reason to drive the classic car, which needs to be driven a little bit more than usual, and provides the opportunity to meet other enthusiast with the same passion. Since the weather in North Carolina is beautiful 350 days out of the year, a cruise-in is perfect idea for a Car Club to have weekly cruises to different events each week. Next time your out call a buddy, and ride to a cruise-in! Great cars, friends and stories to fill the evening.

See you at the next cruise-in!

For further information of cruise-ins in your area go to

'09 R.O.E.A Roush Round Up

The ROUSH Owner's and Enthusiasts Association is hosting their annual Roush Round Up event this weekend. The event starts tonight with the Early Bird Italian Cook Out starting at 6:30, and continues tomorrow with a ROUSH gathering at Carolina Motorsports Park and finishing with a bang with the All Ford Show on Saturday at ROUSH Fenway headquarters from 8am to 4pm.

This is going to be a great event that will bring a wide varity of enthusiasts, and for participants to show their collector vehicles! Go ROUSH! For further information please go to

More to come on this great event!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cruise-In at Bruster in Moorseville, NC

Location: Brusters Ice Cream in Mooresville, NC
Time: Every Wednesday from 5 to 9 pm

On Wednesday's at 5:00pm you're bound to see a couple classic cars rolling into Brusters Ice Cream parking lot for a little gathering among friends and enthusiasts. Brusters is the place to be to see great vehicles of all kinds.

Brusters is located off the main road west of 77. Enthusiasts of all ages stop by to view the various Corvettes, Mopars and Custom vehicles.

I had a great conversation with an owner of a Trans Am 455 with 18,000 miles, which he purchased from his father. Oh yeah...His father purchased the vehicle off the lot. I ask if he could bring the vehicle next time so I could take photos...and with excitement he said, "Absolutely!"

The event had about 50 classic cars, which is good for the first cruise-in of the season for Brusters. In mid season there will be 200 classics in his parking lot!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pinks: All Out at the Z-Max!

The Pinks: All Out event was held at the Z-Max complex in Concord, North Carolina.

This was a exciting event from beginning to finish! The 12hr days of hearing stories of the collector created the opportunity to reach enthusiasts on a different level.

The Pinks crew has the expectation of lighting a venue with excitement and thrill, and the crew didn't disappoint! The 35,000+ spectators watched special appearances from a Top Fuel and Jet Car race down the Z-Max dragway.

The was the fist time in history four cars lined up to speed down the dragway competing to be in the final eight going All Out!

The culture of the car collector was in form during the event. Hagerty Insurance was present to ask any questions about our Motorsports and Agreed Value policy for the car collector. The performance car collector has a passion for speed and power, which was the atmosphere of the Pinks: All Out event.

Congratulations to the Z-Max and Pinks crew for exceeding expectations to display an amazing show!

Please view further information on Hagerty Insurance and Z-Max: and

The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS)

The NCRS is dedicated to the restoration of the Corvette. There are chapters throughout the US, and the Carolina Chapter host this year's judging event at Lowes Motor Speedway.

There were a lot of generations of Corvettes ranging from C1's to C6's. The generations produced are reffered to as C1 (the first) to C6 (the current), which is the evolution of the Corvette body style. The co-culture of the Corvette owners is unique from any other classic car owner. However, the passion for the hobby remains the same among all enthusiasts.

I had a great conversation with a gentleman name Don. Don owns a '61 Corvette he found in a Chicago basement. It took 3.5 years to restore the vehicle, and this vehicle is truly his "baby." Don explained the differences in the body style from the '58 to '62 Corvette. I will not forget his time he gave me, and he will not forget I'm with Hagerty Insurance. Sharing the passion for the hobby!

'09 Gathering Car Show

The Shelton Vineyard in North Carolina was the host to the '09 Gathering Car Show. There was a total of 252 classic cars registered for the event. The field consist of Triumphs, MG's, Mini's, Austin Healey's and more!

The show's featured marque was the Triumph Italia, and only 329 were produced between 1959-1962. The show had gathered 6 Italia's, which is a record for the Italia group. These are beautiful vintage vehicles, which cruise on the open road!

The owner of a Ford GT, Mr. Tom Monroe, approached me during the Gathering Car show with a smile of appreciation. Mr. Monroe shared his story of a claim he had on the GT, and was delighted with the understanding and service he was shown by Hagerty's claims department. Mr. Monroe is a spokesperson for Hagerty Insurance.

In closing, the Triumph Club of the Carolina's had great participation of enthusiast and British classic vehicles. This event will keep growing, and Hagerty Insurance will be there for future support.

Take a look:

Cruise In at Brusters of Cornelius, NC

Location: Brusters Ice Cream in Cornelius
Time: Every Tuesday from 5 to 9 pm

This was a great event! I was speaking with the organizer, and he mentioned last year there was about 100 classic cars in the parking lot, but this year is starting a little slow.

The parking lot is perfect for the event, and the venue is directly off the main road. This creates visibility and awareness for spectators to drive into the venue to view the classic vehicles. The cruise-in had many generations of Corvettes, a Jaguar, Model A, Olds 442, Ferrari's and more.

Overall the event was good for the second week. Brusters had music playing and the crowd was enjoying the different makes and models of classics. There's always a great story behind every classic!

See you next Tuesday!