Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Motorbike and Scooter Meet

VVVVVRRROOOOOMMMM!! I'm sure a lot of you remember Cushmans, Whizzers, Salsbury's, etc. If you want to see THOUSANDS gather in the same place, check out Portland, Indiana in July. Here's a website for more information: . The meet officially started July 12th, although many rolled in 3 or even 4 days early. Enthusiasts from all over the country come to Portland to enjoy the Meet. The best part is the cost of everything is very low! If you're a member, you get in free! If you want food, it's cheap! If you want ice cream, it's $2.50 for a pint! Yes, a PINT! The club has worked really hard to make it affordable to attend the meet, and that might be the secret of their success. It's going on 38 years!
Enjoy the photos and happy motoring!

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 North Shore Corvette Club Father's Day Show

The Corvettes were out in full force this year in Libertyville, Illinois for the North Shore Corvette club's Father's Day Show! This event, which has become a northern Chicagoland staple, had a great turnout of Corvettes as well as many other classics looking to participate. The folks in the NSCC do a great job of putting on an organized show geared to bring out spectators both young and old to enjoy a day of cool cars, great music and family fun! Here are some pictures from the day, enjoy!

There was a great turnout of C6s at this years event

The Camaro was well represented, both past and present
Some eye catching colors

Vettes as far as the eye can see...

An American Icon!

The Corvette faithful were very welcoming of other makes and models, this was an impressive array of Lincolns!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

HOT ROD Power Tour 2010

There's nothing like cruis'n the open road, and that's what the HOT ROD Power Tour is all about! There were hundreds of classics and collectable cars cruising through seven cities in seven days, and along the way Hagerty Insurance caught up with the cruisers at Coker Tire in
Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Coker Tire had entertainment for all the cruising enthusiasts with a live band, tours of Coker Tire and Honest Charles Speed Shop. The live onsite radio broadcast at Coker Tire described the events, and encouraged enthusiast participation. It was a remarkable showing of all kinds of classics!

How do you like these White Walls? Is it all about the tire?

The Mopar's kept on rolling into the venue and sliding in their spaces on the street...which was known as Mopar Alley. The Mopar's ranged from the new challenger to the classic '70 Plymouth Cuda AAR.

Just one of the unique custom classics at the Coker Tire Cruise! Look at those headers!

Classic custom with flames...and white walls!

The HOT ROD Power Tour of 2010 started in Newton, IA at the Iowa Speedway, and ending at the U.S.S Alabama in Mobile, AL. The seven day journey of non-stop cruising came to an end with high expectations for the 2011 HOT ROD Power Tour!

Please click on for additional information with videos and links of the 2010 HOT ROD Power Tour!

Click on the video to view this Hot Rod! Can you guess what it is?

The Hagerty gang will see you at next years event!