Friday, May 1, 2009

A day with the ROUSH Group.

The day at Carolina Motorsports Park started at 7:00am with track registration and technical inspection of each ROUSH vehicle. The ROUSH group was excited to get on the track to test their "babies" at higher than normal speeds.

The ROUSH culture of enthusiasts loves to drive their particular vehicle, and these enthusiasts pushed the limit on the track by hitting speeds of 110 mph!

Personally, I have never been on a motorsports track...Until today. This was the day I was going to ride in a ROUSH hitting those speeds, and rounding corners at 70 mph. The adrenalin was increasing with every turn of the corner. Scott, who is an driving instructor, was driving the ROUSH hitting 110 mph on the straight away after turn four. I remember him saying, "Wow, this car has a lot of power." I agreed with him as I was gripping the door handle during each turn. After a couple laps I started to relax and really enjoy the thrill of the ride, and have a new appreciation for ROUSH and Motorsports.

The experience was thrilling! I asked the group how they usually drive their ROUSH vehicles on a normal day, and the majority of the group said maybe 3,000 miles per year. This was a day of exercising their "babies," and having fun with fellow enthusiasts. The true passion of a hobbyist.

Thank you to the R.O.E.A group for sharing their day!

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  1. Jason,

    What's the big deal - 110mph? I was doing 127mph driving home from work today, through downtown Cedar, MI (pop. 431). And I wasn't haulin' moonshine!

  2. What was I thinking...we should've been going faster!