Sunday, May 31, 2009

Historic Auto Club Cruises to Brownstown!

It's always an amazing experience to see 12 classic cars travelling caravan style on the back country roads to a cruise in! The Historic Auto Club took off early Saturday morning and made their way to Brownstown with Allen and Albi Distler leading the way in their 63' Pontiac Grand Prix. We covered some amazing territory and I'm sure everyone who drove along can now better negotiate curves!

One story I have to share is when we stopped for a break at a McDonalds. Everyone parked together; quite a sight to see 12 classic cars in a random parking lot! A lady, who was into her 80's approached me and asked about a specific car. She was speaking about Mr. and Mrs. Jones' beautiful orange 55' Studebaker (photo below). To her, it wasn't so much about the car, it was about the memories that the car triggered. Her father only drove Studebakers. For this lady, it brought back memories of her and her father cruising together when she was younger. She had tears of joy because she hadn't seen a Studebaker in so long and almost forgot the great times she shared with her father. It's experiences like this that make me realize why people have classic cars. It make me understand that classic cars aren't just toys, they are part of history and also great memories.

After arriving in Brownstown, everyone parked their cars and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was a great show with a live band, plenty of shade and tons of food. Over 200 cars showed up, making the cruise a success! A special thanks to the Historic Auto Club for making this cruise memorable!

What do you think about cruise-ins and car shows? Please feel free to post your opinion by clicking on 'comments' below! Thanks!


  1. Abe,

    It was great meeting you, your wife and the big dog on Saturday. We've found a home in the Historic Auto Club. After being members of several other clubs that do the 'meetings' and annual car show thing, it's refreshing to find a group that gets together frequently to tour the area in our cars and trucks. I'm having a ball as a member of the HAC. My wife and I look forward to seeing your family on many of these trips.

    Jerry & Pearl (in the 57 Chevy pickup)

  2. Thanks for the great message Jerry and Pearl! My wife and I (and Zane) also had a blast, we always have a blast with the HAC. Someday soon, we too will have a classic car to cruise in ;)

    p.s. We love your pickup, it's beautiful!