Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Tyme Auto Club in Evansville

Let me first start by saying, Evansville is a pretty far drive from Indianapolis. Now that's out of the way, my wife, Courtney, and I had the pleasure of joining the Old Tyme Auto Club in their monthly meeting last night. It started at 7:00pm with a structured agenda. One topic I found particularly interesting was "Trouble with parts or repairs". This is where members could discuss some of the repairs they were working on or talk about parts they're having a hard time finding. It was great to see this as a topic and get an open dialog amongst club members. Hagerty did a brief presentation and discussed the benefits of Collector Car Insurance. Everyone was very engaged and excited to hear how to better protect their classics. One question I forgot to ask at the beginning of the presentation was "How many of you are insured with Hagerty?" I ended up asking the question towards the end of the presentation. Almost 1/2 the room raised their hands! It's also great to see people get pumped about getting involved in the hobby. Hagerty has a ton of great information regarding getting involved in the hobby. Take a second to check out our website: A big thanks to the Old Tyme Auto Club for their hospitality yesterday. It's always a great feeling when you feel welcomed in a strange place!

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