Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abused and Battered Business Person Party

Saturday afternoon Robert Escalante owner of Custom Auto hosted a party for the abused and battered business person to honor his clients, fellow car enthusiasts, and life long friends. Tamara, Adam and I were all there to represent Hagerty's new LA office. We had a great opportunity to meet a lot of current and potential Hagerty clients. It was a great party to end a car crazy day with.

Host Robert Escalante handing out awards to the most abused and battered business person. I didn't make the cut.

Every guest left with their own bottle of pills aka M&Ms. We were advised to take 1 when excited.

The awards for the evening - a box from the OC food bank full of canned goods and toilet paper. He thinks of everything.

I took a cruise around the shop in a one of a kind motor cycle made for Mike Harrah. I think it was really made for me but don't tell Mike!

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