Monday, June 8, 2009

Race to Indy Nationals at ORP

The Mustang show this weekend reached a record with the number of cars entered! Cars came from all over the world, even some people from New Zealand and Canada were in attendance. Overall, the show was a huge success! Beautiful weather, great company, and some of the most amazing Mustangs you have ever seen; what else could you ask for? If you have a Mustang and want to know what shows are available in your area, a good starting place is: One thing I found fascinating about Mustangs is there were a bunch of different variations (i.e. Roush, Saleen, Shelby, SVO, GT, Cobra, Boss, Mach), but that's what made them so unique and special. I did see an 07' GT 500 with a SuperSnake package on it (picture below) and almost fell over when the owner told me how much horsepower it was pushing out. Are you sitting down? It had over 725 hp!!! A big thanks to the Indy Mustang Club for putting on a first class event. Enjoy the pictures below and feel free to comment!

It just looks a good way!

The Hagerty booth! It was great having a 67' Shelby GT 500 to display for the weekend.

A Bullit car and banner! How do you not take the opportunity for some photos!

Beautiful 66' Mustang Conv GT, driven 600 miles to the show and judged as Concours driven!

Super clean Mach 1. Paint color is very rare!

Very rare GT 350 H! Super clean and low miles ;)

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