Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun times in Iola!!

We couldn't have picked a better show for me to experience Wisconsin for the first time! Located in Iola, WI, the Iola Old Cars Show has everything you could think of: a huge swap meet, a car coral, a show field, an auction, thousands and thousands of people, and even great food. I got to try fried cheese curds for the first time......they squeek in your mouth when you chew them! From the view inside the Hagerty booth, we were able to see everyone walking by with their new purchases. You would see people rolling tires, carrying rims and bumpers, and pulling their wagons. We even ventured out to find the most unique item being sold at the swap meet.....below is a picture... If you want to find a part for your project car, or pick up a new car at a great deal, Iola is definitely worth the drive. Put your walking shoes on though, because there is A LOT of ground to cover. Here's a website for more information:

Ed Fallon test driving the Jag......then trying to sell it to Kenny.

This was by far the most unique item for sale at the swap meet. $100 would have taken it home!

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  1. That hat, er helmet, rocks. Too bad it was so pricey. The video is pretty fun too. Thanks!