Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Summer Nights in Lafayette

The Lafayette Kroozers Car Club hosted their annual Hot Summer Nights cruise-in and car show this past weekend. The events were held in the Market Square Shopping Center, a perfect location for people to gather and admire some beautiful vehicles. As I walked through the cruise on Friday with a strawberry shake in hand, I was extremely impressed by the amount of quality vehicles! Every engine was meticulously detailed, and the rest of the car (body, interior, undercarriage) followed suit. And there was a bunch of variety! I saw an unbelievable 29' Chevrolet all the way up to a 2010 Camaro SS. That's what I love about open car shows and cruises, you see so many different makes and models that it gives you a deeper appreciation for the automobile. It also helps you determine what your favorite car is. Here's a question for you: What is your favorite car and why? Is it because it looks cool? Is it because it holds memories from when you were a kid? Tell us your story by adding a comment. Whatever your reason for liking these 'works of art', it's always great to get out there and attend shows and cruises and show support for the hobby.
The rain didn't scare anyone away Saturday morning. Over a hundred cars showed up to support the car show and there were thousands of spectators throughout the day coming to check out what was going on. After the awards, the Lafayette Kroozers invited everyone out for a BBQ. To me, that was a touch of class! For the club to host a car show, then after a long day of hard work, invite everyone out to feed them after the show really means a lot. It means they're passionate about the hobby and giving people a place to gather. They even gave out dash plaques and awards and door prizes at the BBQ! It was like a whole other mini-show! If you're interested in learning more about the Lafayette Kroozers, check out their website: Consider joining their club if you're in the area! If not, consider joining a local car club. There are many reasons why, but the main one is that clubs are around to help other people. They raise a bunch of money each year for countless good causes. Enough with the writing, let's see some video and photos!

1984 Lotus, you don't see these very often!

Unbelievably clean Bel-Air!

A full circle video of the car show on Saturday. It's only a taste of how cool it really was!

Like my new tattoo? Just kidding, this guy's definitely a car guy!!

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