Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The next generation!

In my travels, I've witnessed multiple car show events, and have been overwhelmed by the participation of classic car owners and fellow enthusiast enjoying the collector car hobby. This past weekend while attending the Downtown Mooresville Cruise-In I had an "Ah-Ha" moment.

The organizers of the event have a road dedicated for classic cars to enter the cruise-in. While observing the streets lining up with classic cars I noticed a gentlemen driving through in is '28 Ford Model A. It was then I had a "Ah-Ha" moment, because the gentlemen brought his grandson who was in the passenger's seat.

After they parked I ask for a quick picture next to the Model A. The photo tells it's own story, but for me this represents the passing of our hobby to the next generation.

If you have a son, daughter or grandchildren take them to a classic car event or for a ride in your classic, and share the stories behind your classic car. The next generation plays a key role in the stories and passions of the classic car hobby, and it's encouraging to witness moments like this one. Thank you for the photo!

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