Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Cruise Nights

I started my Thursday Cruise Night off in Cypress at the IHOP on Moody & Lincoln. It was a light crowd tonight. It may be because the Lakers FINALLY signed Lamar Odom and everyone is preparing for another victory parade next year! Just a thought. If you are in the area on Thursday nights check it out. There were some really cool cars and nice people!! To find a cruise night in your area check out

Just another day in paradise.
My favorite shot of the night. This guy was taking in the scenery.

Got to love the white Corvettes with red interior. Very classic.

My next stop was Fatburger in Orange on Tustin Ave. They have a large parking lot with lots of room to grow. I got there a little late because I talked to so many people at the cruise in Cypress. I was told that a lot of cars had already left. Their tag line is "Thursday Nite Cruise - No Trophies, No Frills, Just a Cruise....." and that was what it was. It was awesome.

No I didn't eat there, something about the name turns me off. Maybe if it was SkinnyBurger.

Go Angels!! He must be a true fan.

This was one of the brightest paint jobs I have ever seen. The picture doesn't do it justice.

So I saw on AutoBlog that "It's A Matte World" and that it is. I have been seeing more and more cars with this matte paint job and I like it. check out AutoBlog's Pictures

A Mercury with a matte finish, I really like it in color!

And again...

Documentation of where this car has been. I think it adds character, that's just me.

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