Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mopar Nationals!!

That title sort of has a catchy ring to it.....you can hear yourself saying it out loud through a bull-horn.. M-O-O-P-A-RR NATIONALS!!!!! It's best when it's shouted out with a long, drawn out sound! The 29th Annual Mopar Nationals at National Trail Raceway just east of Columbus, Ohio took place last weekend. The weather was cooperative, and the crowds were plenty. I apologize for the lack of photos and video, but I spent the majority of my time at the Hagerty booth speaking to enthusiasts about collector car insurance. Next year I will get out and see the grounds as there is tons of cool stuff to see. For information about Mopar Nationals, check out their website: http://www.moparnats.org. One great highlight of the event was the drag racing. Mopar fans could take some time to sit and relax while watching some powerful beasts race down the 1/4 mile all weekend long!
With the weather topping out at 90+ degrees, shorts were the only way to go when spending 12 hours on your feet!

It's a short video clip, but humorous seeing a grown man drive that little go-cart past the booth!

Someone brought a car that you could smash with a sledge hammer. Only cost $1 for 4 or 5 swings!

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