Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Old US 27 Tour is the Real Deal!

Everyone getting ready to depart for Waterloo!

The Old US 27 Motor Tour officially kicked off yesterday at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile (ACDA) Museum in Auburn, Indiana. What a great place to start a cruise! The ACDA Museum is in my opinion, one of the finest Museum's in the nation! There were roughly 20 classics present for the start and it only picked up steam as the tour progressed. After touring the museum, the group caravaned by police escort to Waterloo. Now, if you have never had the pleasure of being escorted by police, I strongly suggest you try it sometime. My best suggestion is to do it with a sanctioned cruise, rather than getting arrested or leading the police on a high-speed chase. It was so neat being able to run red lights and watch vehicles pull over and wait for our caravan to pass through. Along the road people were waiving and the vehicles that had to pull over were snapping photos with their cell phones! It's amazing that was for just 20 vehicles, can you imagine what it will be like on the 3rd or 4th day of the tour with 150 or more vehicles?!?

(A video of the tour leaving the ACDA Museum in Auburn, IN)

The first stop of the day was in Waterloo, Indiana, where the town greeted everyone with Goody Bags and water. After a quick presentation, it was off to Angola! In Angola, the tour was greeted by the town with open arms with a news crew and everything! The town was extremely excited to see everyone role in with their classics and then disperse to pour money into the local economy by eating lunch and shopping. That's what's cool about this tour, it helps local towns out by bringing hundreds of people in to boost the economy! I think Craig Parrish, Tour Director, mentioned they were planning on stopping at 12 or 16 towns along the way.

(The presentation in Waterloo, IN)

Next year, I anticipate the tour to explode with collector car enthusiasts! Hopefully, a number of clubs from Indiana can join along in the trip and see how beautiful Michigan is. To get more information about how you can participate next year, check out the Old 27 Tour website:

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