Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Corvette Super Sports Club - North Orange County

Last night I had the opportunity to give a presentation to the Corvette Super Sports Club - North Orange County Chapter. Check out their website They have a real family feel and are very welcoming as a club.
I met them at their car show on Sunday, August 20th at Surf City Garage in Huntington Beach. Tim Miller is the owner of Surf City Garage (which is a car wax company) and he is a huge collector. He opened up his showroom for the day for the world to see. Check out his wax and personal collection at There were over 200 cars in attendance, with a lot of Corvettes but the show was open to all makes and models which made for some serious eye candy! Check out my pictures below....
There were cars as far as the eye could see. They had some many people that registered the day of the event that they wrapped cars through every street in this industrial area in Huntington Beach.
Corvettes and more Corvettes

A salute to the troops!

This is the coolest color purple, but it doesn't show up in pictures very well.

The biggest Corvette fan I have ever seen. All of his tattoos have to do with Corvettes.

One of his forearms. Now that is dedication to a brand!

This is a mean engine!

All the pictures below are from inside Surf City's Garage.
He has a thing for muscle cars and automobilia.

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