Monday, October 5, 2009

Newport Hill Climb

With the fall weather kicking into high gear, one may wonder what kind of success a show might have. Well, the cold, windy weather didn't stop enthusiasts from coming to the Newport Hill Climb! Thousands of people flocked to Newport, Indiana to partake in the 100th annual Hill Climb. Saturday morning was extremely exciting as they re-created a photo from 1909, using an antique camera (I was able to get in the photo, so may have broke the camera!). Afterwards, it was time to grab a cup of coffee and try to stay warm. Watching the cars barrel up the hill was very unique and unlike any other car show I've attended. One person said to me "This is one of Indiana's best kept secrets." Not anymore! If you like cars and enjoy watching antiques test their power, you have to go to Newport during the Hill Climb! To find out more about attending the Hill Climb in Newport next year, check out their website at . Enjoy the videos and photos below and keep rocking the hobby!

Watch this old Ford Pickup climb the hill during a practice round Saturday

Bubba's Hot Rod shop was available all weekend to help service the vehicles.

Model A and T parking for Sunday!

This is Don Wilson's car of HRI Collector Car in Bainbridge, IN. Check out his website: This particular Ford is a 30 + year restoration and looks fantastic! Don is very involved in the hobby and strongly committed to getting youths involved as well. We need more people in the hobby like Don!

I've never seen a Stanley Steamer in action before. What a treat!

I had the pleasure of sitting in this beautiful 49' Studebaker as it conquered the hill! Check out the video below! A HUGE thanks to the Marshall family for letting me partake in the experience!

Even the pup came to check things out!

What a great idea for a fundraiser, pay $1 to sign the car!

One of my personal favorites of the weekend.

and another personal favorite.....I have a lot!

whoa, this bad boy flew up the hill!
What a great set up! The big wheels in front of the bus were used to go DOWN the hill at midnight on Saturday. It's a tradition!

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