Monday, October 19, 2009

Rock and Roll Car Show 2009

After putting on the thermal underwear and packing the stocking cap and gloves, I headed out the door at 5:30 am Saturday to attend the 4th Annual Rock and Roll Car Show in Greenwood, Indiana. One may have wondered who was crazy enough to attend a car show when it was going to be a high of 45.......well, turns out no one was crazy, they're just extremely passionate about the hobby! Thousands of people poured into the Gathering Place in Greenwood to support the show. Almost 400 classic cars were in attendance with everything from a 65 Honda S-600 Convertible (very rare) to a late model Lamborhini. Garry Gilbert, who hosts the show in memory of his father and to raise money for Riley Children's Hospital, put his heart and soul into the show and you could certainly tell. From the amazing turnout of cars, the awesome food, great vendors, jamming music, and the COLTS CHEERLEADERS, one could tell a lot of planning went into this show! Check out their website for next year's show: Enough writing, enjoy some photos!

The winner of the Hagerty award!

This is Walt's truck, from Walt's Hot Rod Shop in Brownsburg, IN. Check out his website: He has a lot of experience with cars and does quality work!

Here's that 65' Honda that's very rare!

No, those people weren't short, that truck IS tall!

The lift that was raffled away

This picture doesn't do this paint job justice, what an amazing car!

Rusty's Fairlane won an award!

A rose between two thorns....or vice versa ;) Terry and Ron were nice enough to park their beautiful cars next to the Hagerty booth for the day!

It was so cool, I had to put it in here twice

I have no comment on this one, not even sure how it got into the pictures. Just kidding, this is Chris's Challenger, absolutely beautiful machine!

A PAIR of Bricklins!

Terry's owned this car since new!

The Indy GTO club cruised in to brave the weather!

I will always think of Michael J. Fox when I see a Delorean.

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  1. That 1970 Chevelle has to be one of the nicest cars at that show no wounder you had it parked by your tent. Good job Abe