Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Model A Restorers Meet- Terre Haute, IN

A cold spell may have passed through Indiana, but that didn't stop Model A restorers and enthusiasts from coming out to share their passion! Over 30 Model A's showed up for the regional Model A Restorer's Club (M.A.R.C.) meet this past weekend in Terre Haute. If you weren't a fan of Model A's in the past, consider attending one of their meets. You learn to really appreciate them for their design and simplicity. The M.A.R.C. National Meet will be held this June in French Lick, Indiana. Check out the web link to learn more:

This was put together in a week so it could attend the meet.

The Model A Pickup is one of my favorites!

Notice the stock appearance. Well, look at the engine below:

This bad boy allows the Model A to do over 120 mph!

The different color rims add a lot of character!

They don't just sit in the parking lot, these enthusiasts DRIVE their A's!

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  1. great!!! thanks for showing all the great Fords