Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VCRA Ruffneck Rally

Ponca City, Oklahoma?? Ok, I've never heard of it either until last weekend.

About 29 vintage cars decended on Ponca City last Thursday to take part in the Vintage Car Rally Association's (VCRA) first rally of the year, the Ruffneck Rally. It was an awesome 3 days of spirited competition. For those who aren't familiar with rallies, check out the VCRA's website: http://vintagecarrally.com/ . You can also see what futures rallies are coming up in your area!

Here's a piece from their website on why the association was formed:
"The VINTAGE CAR RALLY ASSOCIATION, INC (VCRA) was formed in 2006 with two distinct purposes...
1.To provide a unique forum for antique, vintage and classic car enthusiasts to compete in timed / controlled speed / distance rally competitions, while also testing the endurance levels of both man and machine. This is perhaps the most challenging motor sports event still available to the average “Car Guy”, regardless of level of experience.

2.VCRA founders agreed to enter into this venture on one key condition, it would be a non-profit entity, and all proceeds would be donated to charity. Our charity of choice has been the Autism Society of America and/or Autism Awareness programs in need."

So you get to have fun, compete with other enthusiasts, and know your money's going towards a great cause? Sounds pretty AWESOME to me!

Consider taking part in one of these rallies. It's a blast and best of all.........your insurance covers it......well, at least Hagerty does!

Yes, you can run newer vehicles in this rally. But it's more fun to drive the classics!


  1. SWells in OklahomaApril 27, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    We loved seeing all the cool cars in Ponca City! Come back again sometime.

  2. Some great photos there.

    Great show!

  3. Glad you were at the rally Hope to see you at more VCRA events.