Friday, June 18, 2010

Model A Restorer's Club National Meet 2010

The Model A Restorer's Club (MARC) held their National Meet in French Lick/West Baden Springs, Indiana this year! You couldn't have asked for a better location; beautiful hotels, great roads for driving, and plenty of activities! The Meet officially started Monday, June 14th, but many rolled in (driving their Model A's) on the previous Saturday. Model A's are amazing machines and extremely fun to drive! To learn more about upcoming events or joining MARC, please visit their website: . You can also learn more about their National Meet by checking out the following link: .

One thing awesome about the Members of MARC is that they like to DRIVE their A's! It's great to see people coming from all over the country.......and they didn't trailer their cars!!!

Check out all the activities that were provided for everyone in the photos below. These aren't even all of them!

Yes, that's Hagerty's Model A! The employees of Hagerty restored this wonderful masterpiece as a way to learn more about collector vehicles and get hooked on the hobby! I know where they can find good insurance when they all get classics of their own!!

The awards ceremony for Touring Class. Each Model A in the Touring Class had to complete a long tour in order to receive any awards.

The Model A's lining up for the Tour.

It's always great to see people working on their A's. A repair shop was set up in the parking garage for anyone who needed assistance. One great thing about these enthusiasts is that they LOVE to work on A's, so it was busy in the parking garage!

The kids had an opportunity to learn about pinstriping. This seminar, along with many other activities is provided for the youth to get them more involved in the hobby, with hopes they will someday be driving an A!

One of the Fine Point cars in front of the house that concluded the tour.

Model A Firetruck; judged in the Preservation Class!

A 'cut-out' Model A was on display in the lobby of the Hotel. This was so neat to look at and see how great the development of the A was.

Writer's choice! (because I can!)

Who needs fuel?

Also a writer's choice for favorite colored wheels!

This truck was in the atrium of the West Baden Hotel along with other Fine Point Judged A's.

Hagerty had a booth in the swap meet, showcasing their pride and joy!

Hagerty also sponsored Youth Judging. This is a group who helped Judge the A's, learning more and more on what to look for on a vehicle and how to judge it!

One of the neatest events of the week, Youth's assemble a Model A! It only took them 2 1/2 hours, WOW!

Fine Point display

Yours truly in front of the Hagerty Model A!

Of course we had to get it pin-striped to fit in with the rest of the A's!

You won't see many of these around! Not sure on the production numbers, but it was low!


  1. Great update, Abe!! Glad to hear that everyone was impressed with all the hard work that the employees put into it. It sure is a beauty!

  2. ngirard@hagerty.comJune 21, 2010 at 7:49 AM

    Abe - great blog post! Randy returned on Friday night while we were hosting a dinner event for the Michigan Mille group at the Hagerty garage. The Mille members were also very impressed both with the work done on the A, and also the fact that it just got back from your tour. Great job!