Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daytona Coupe lives to sell another day.....

Thousands of spectators were available to see the Daytona Coupe take the block Friday night. At 8:05 pm, the main attaction set way! Peter Brock, the designer, and Bob Bondurant, one of the c0-racers, were on site to partake in the excitement. After the autioneer started the bid at $20 million, he quickly brought it back down to earth and started at $2 million. The bidding slowly gained steam and big hitters made there way out of the audience to try and buy a piece of history. After about 10 minutes of bidding, the action segued to a silent calm. With $6,800,000 on the screen, the bidding lost it's momentum. It was rumored $8.4 million was the reserve, but only the auctioneer and the seller will truly know. After the auctioneer closed the bid, the room went silent and the wind went out of everybody's sales (pun intended). I tried to make a deal after the bidding stopped, but there was no way they would take $3,000. Don't be suprised if you see this amazing machine surface at another auction in the next few years.

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