Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mopar's Car Show; Marion, NC

Location: Marion, NC
Time: All day event from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Mopar name, which is short for MOtor PARts of Chrysler LLC, has been used for 80 years!

The 12th Annual Mountain Gateway Mopar's Car Show had many unique Mopar vehicles. The Mopar culture of enthusiasts are one of the most interesting to speak with about their particular Mopar.

For example, I had a great conversation with Mr. Smith regarding his '67 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4-Speed. This is only 1 of 104 built, which was pre-order from a person in '66. Mr. Smith mentioned he owned the vehicle since '77, and purchased the vehicle for $500. This is a unique vehicle since it is 1 of 45 with the 4-Speed Transmission. The documentation of the VIN with the pre-order purchase sheet broke down the options available, and verified the authenticity of the GTX. It was great to listen to the story of this unique Mopar.

Can you calculate the Value of this '67 Plymouth GTX Hemi car?

Please log onto for the lastest value market trends.

The Mopar show had many great classic cars ranging from Plymouth Superbird to a Dodge Challenger R/T, which was exciting!

Congratulations to the Mountain Gateway Club for having a successful event!

See you at the next car show!

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  1. First time trying to determine a value - in perfect condition how about $71K?