Monday, June 22, 2009

CIVV Father's Day Show 6/21/09

First let me start by saying, Happy belated Father's Day to all! And if you went to the Central Indiana Vintage Vehicle club's Father's Day show and didn't see something you liked, shame on you! They had everything you could think of ranging from Firetrucks to antique semis, to those one-seater things that came out in 2000 with 3 wheels and were electric, what do you call those things again? There were street rods, there were classics, there were muscle cars, jacked up Jeeps, race cars, motorcycles, everything you could think of! If it weren't for my already disproportionately tall figure, I would have stood up on a soapbox and started shouting out how many cool cars were at this show; but I didn't want to scare the children.

As the park filled up with over 200 show cars, I started looking around and realized the location was perfect, plenty of shade, lots of parking, and people buzzing with energy. A special thanks to Dave Shank and the CIVV club for allowing me to partake in such an amazing event! The only way to top this one is to offer helicopter rides next year ;)

Everyone gathering around Terry's 05' Ford GT

What a great military display!

A pair of Morris Minor's even made an appearance

and here are those things again, can't remember the name of them for the life of me!

A couple of time-capsules. This VW bus and semi were done first-class!

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