Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art Center Car Classic - By Air, Land and Sea.

Sunday I attended the Art Center Car Classic where the top automotive designers, collectors and enthusiasts celebrate vehicles that push the boundaries of design. This year’s theme, “By Air, Land and Sea,” reflected the broadening focus of Art Center’s Transportation Design Department, they moved beyond the automobile to showcase the best in all types of transportation. They really captured the historic relationship between aircraft and watercraft design and the automobile industry. This will now be an annual event and I would like to encourage everyone to check it out next year. There were some truly amazing cars on the show field.

Jay Leno's EcoJet from laura jacobsen on Vimeo.

It is hard to capture it in one picture.

All the smaller cars in a row

George Barris hanging out in the Hagerty booth for some much needed shade. He is following me, I saw him twice this weekend....lol

It's like the Steve Urkel car but much cooler. I wouldn't have commented on it but that is what the owner told me. It is so much cooler in real life.

The Back to the Future Car

1925 Amilcar CGS 3 Skiff - This was my pick for best of show. It is a beautiful vehicle!

1958 GM Firebird III Concept Car - this is just like the Jetsons

1967 Batmobile by George Barris

The Blastolene Brothers - 2009 Blastolene Rocket II Trike. These brothers make some crazy cars. Check out their website http://www.blastolene.com/

1996 Rutan Varieze 2 - Seat Light Aircraft

A small submarine - very cool

1930 Rolls Royce Phantom II Brewster Town Car - This thing is huge!!

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