Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HRI Collector Car in Bainbridge, IN

Next time you're travelling on U.S. Highway 36 and heading through the small town of Bainbridge, you need to stop by HRI Collector Car and check out the inventory! Don Wilson, the owner of HRI, has been in the hobby for over 45 years. He's seen so many neat vehicles, but one of the coolest has to be this 1916 Elgin. All I know is that I had never heard of this car before, and there's probably a good reason. Don states there are only a handful still in existence, and only 2 run. This is one of those 2. It's an un-restored vehicle and in amazing shape! To find out more about it, go to: http://hricollectorcar.com/1916ELGIN.html . Try to Google the Elgin Motor Car Company, you're not going to find a lot of information. Elgin did, however, make pocket watches at one time. Don also has one of those! Enjoy the photos! Do you know of any hidden gems in Indiana? Please e-mail me at abarnett@hagerty.com if you do!

This car has a lot of history and was ahead of it's time! Don shared some of the unique factors with me, but there were so many, I forgot half of them by the time I left!

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  1. Even i have not heard of this car before. However, i loved the pictures of this car. I have seen these kinds of cars only in old black and white movies.