Thursday, January 14, 2010

RM Auctions presents Icons of Speed and Style

RM Auctions was tasked with finding new homes for an amazing assembly of customs, hot rods and race cars. The Petersen Museum was the perfect venue to auction this diverse collection of motoring history. I was amazed at how many father son duo's arrive to reminisce about the historic cars that were before. I overheard a lot of stories and was able to share a few myself.

1965 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck "Little Red Wagon" greeted everyone as they entered the auction pavilion. It found a new home after the gavel fell at $550,000!

David Kinney, from Hagerty's Cars that Matter, and I swapped some stories about the Deora. Raise your hand if you still have the Deora Hot Wheel! The Deora later sold for $324,000

I loved this '35 Ford Rat Rod Pickup. Sold for $55,000.

1932 Ford Khougaz Lakes Roadster
Sold for $214,500
A great early example of the pioneering spirit to build the fastest car we could. This special roadster topped over 140 mph at the dry lakes in El Mirage

1964 Ed Roth Road Agent
Sold for $187,000
This was another car that gathered gaggles of onlookers who told wicked stories of when they first saw this car arrive onto the show scene...mind blowing they say!

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