Thursday, January 14, 2010

SoCal Speed Shop with Billy Gibbons updated T-Bird

SoCal Speed Shop and the Petersen Automotive Museum teamed up to create a new retail outlet for SoCal Speed apparel. Stop by the Petersen museum to pick up your new favorite t-shirt! It wouldn't be a SoCal event if it didn't include a hotrod. Noted car collector and hot rod enthusiast, Billy F Gibbons, from ZZ Top commissioned his T-Bird for a face lift by SoCal. I was fortunate enough to be on site for the unveiling however, Billy was not, he was in Japan playing a few gigs. All was not lost, I was surrounded by several enthusiasts who were there to see the car anyways!

Both Alex Xydias from SoCal and Dick Messer from the Petersen Museum said a few words about the importance of SoCal Speed Shop to the southern California hot rod scene.
The anticipation is mounting!

Whoa! that silk parachute practically slipped right off the mirror paint finish!

In all its glory, another hot rod puts smiles on the faces of those that are around. The fit and finish on this hot rod are true to SoCal's legendary builds. My favorite was the custom two-tone interior. I am sure Billy is going to love cruizen his new bird!

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