Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hunnert Car Heads Up!

Last Saturday Midwestern Hot Rod enthusiasts braved the wacky Wisconsin weather and came down to Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove to participate in the second annual Hunnert Car Heads-up. The Heads-up is a vintage hot rod drag race event that is put on by the Chrome Czars motor club out of Chicago, the same group that puts together the legendary Hunnert Car pile up (http://www.hunnertcarpileup.com/). What makes the Heads up so wild is that not only do you get a chance to see some of the most dynamic pre-'65 hot rods in the world on display, you also get to see them stretch their legs on the dragway! It is important to note that although we here at Hagerty love to see the classics have their day on the track, we currently are not able to offer any coverage while they are being raced. Here are some shots of the event:

Some paint jobs make it easy to pick a car out of the crowd!

Even Mini bikes had a chance to get in on the action!

Raw horsepower on display!

Check out the cool Route 66 mural!

Classic Lead Sled...

Turn up the sound for this one... Vroom, Vroom!!

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